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Our Comics

We have two types of comics: original works and fanworks/doujinshi created under the name MUSEbasement.

...... Original Comics
  • The Hannover House, 12pg, Dec 2017
  • A silent story about a house-flipper and the very special house he has just bought.

  • Delta Pavonis, 24pg, 18+, Feb 2018
  • Originally drafted for the Passion Fruit Anthology. Ludeo wants nothing more than to be helpful to his crush Calon and to be praised by him. Calon isn’t sure Ludeo understands what such a desire would entail. Ludeo will have to follow Calon beneath Club Delta Pavonis in order to learn the truth behind Calon’s own desires.

  • MONUMENT, four 8pg shorts, Aug 2010, out of print
  • Experimental short stories written by Joshua Fehler. Each of the four stories were independent, but took place in the same world. Issue 01, Desert, was illustrated by KrisRix. Issue 02, Caverns In The Sea, was illustrated by Nara Van Rossum. Issue 03, Crocodile King, was illustrated by Simon Gannon. Issue 04, The Architect, was a joint venture by all three artists.
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...... MUSEbasement Fanworks/Doujinshi
  • Porn To Make History 2: Quad Squad, 74pg, 18+, Jun 2017
  • A Yuri!!! On Ice 18+ anthology, alongside Kori Michele, EK Weaver, and Kou Chen.

  • A Bit Closer, 96pg, Jan 2016
  • A Persona 4 comic centering around Kanji and Naoto. The digital version was released Jan 2016, with the print edition following it later in Aug 2017.

  • Beauty and the Beast Social Link! - Kannao Petit Only Anthology, 140pg, May 2016
  • Our Japanese debut! A Persona 4 Kanji and Naoto anthology from Japan.

  • Comfort/Trust/Resolve/Convection, long form, print and web, 2013-current
  • A Persona 4 Kanji and Naoto comic, following them on a long journey of self-discovery. The first story, Trust, is 100 pages, 18+, and print only. The prequel, Comfort, is 32 pages and originally released as a webcomic; it was later printed as part of a Trust reprint. The two sequels, Resolve (60 non-standard pages) and Convection (70 non-standard pages), are web-only.

You can read more about MUSEbasement and its earlier releases here.