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atelierMUSE consists of Simon Gannon and other creative partners, with KrisRix acting as assistant. While each team member has their own unique style, strengths, and weaknesses, they have found that it's when they review each other's works and help add a little polish that things can really shine.

...... Simon Gannon
  • Enjoys meticulous works & drafting
  • Has painted over 300 miniatures
  • Founded MUSEbasement in 2005

Simon has produced several comics and as such has a great deal of experience in planning, storyboarding, managing a team, and seeing projects through until the end. Their focus is intense, and they will eagerly research whatever is required in order to produce the best project possible.

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...... KrisRix
  • Excels in splash images and comics
  • Loves to draw expressive characters
  • Energetic, colorful style

KrisRix has been consistently told that their art has a great energy to it, which they attribute to their speed and looseness. They have had a variety of experience: painting for Webster Hall NYC, designing costumes, animating for an iPhone game, storyboarding a feature film, creating several comics, and voice acting.

Contact Info

atelierMUSE is currently unavailable for booking work. If you'd like to drop us a line anyway, please don't hesitate. You can either email us at, or use the form below.

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