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Back in 2005, Simon Gannon created MUSEbasement with co-founder AE Prevost. Together, they planned, wrote, and produced doujinshi with local young artists looking to try their hands at comics. Simon supplied them with traditional manga-making tools (manga boards, dip pens and ink, screentones, etc), as well as a vast library of reference books. After providing knowledge, lessons, and the script, Simon and AE took a backseat role in the drawing process, instead acting as assistants to the learning MUSEbasement members. Together, the team put out two 80-page fan comics: Lost and Found, a Gravitation doujinshi (2006) and Statt des Gesetzes, a Weiss Kreuz doujinshi (2007).

MUSEbasement had the honor being invited as guests to Otakuthon, a Montreal-based anime convention, from 2008-2015. Every year, Simon Gannon, KrisRix, AE Prevost, and other MUSEbasement members, hosted a three-day workshop of two hours each. These workshops covered the comic making process from start to finish, including pre-press and self-publishing, how to talk to a printer, fundamentals of page layouts, character design tips, traditional and digital tools, and much more. Attendees were also given a recommended reading list, which is still accessible here.